Culture, care and growing tips for


  • Fertilize weakly and frequently with a balanced fertilizer. One-eighth to one-quarter strength recommended by manufacturer for house plants every week in spring and summer and every two weeks in autumn and winter.


  • Roots should be slightly moist at all times. Water when medium has begun to dry but while it is still damp. Water thoroughly, with a volume of water at least equal to that of the pot. Do not use water softened in salt-consuming water softeners. Despite the need for extra calcium, low mineral water is preferred, such as naturally soft water or rain water. If hard water is used, water very heavily to flush minerals. Avoid leaving water standing in the crown of the plant as this can lead to fatal rot.


  • Grow Paphiopedilum in intermediate temperatures with 14°C minimum winter nights and 29°C summer day maximum. Ensure 6-12°C day/night difference to aid flower formation.

More tips for Paphiopedilum

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