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  • Between 55º to 60º F at night and 70º to 85º F during the day. Seedlings should have night temperatures five to 10 degrees higher. A 15 to 20 degree differential between day and night is recommended, especially for mature plants. Higher day temperatures can be tolerated (up to 95º F), if humidity, air circulation and shading are increased.


  • Should be provided in two ways: in the pot by watering and in the air as humidity. Watering in the container is dictated by many criteria: size and type of the vessel, temperature, light, etc. Mature cattleyas need to dry out thoroughly before being watered again. Seedlings need more constant moisture. Compare the weight of a dry pot of the same size and type of mix; it can indicate if a plant needs water by the relative weight -light means dry, heavy means wet. If in doubt, it's best to wait a day or two until watering. Plants in active growth need more water than plants that are resting. Water below 50º F may injure plants, as will water softened by the addition of salts.


  • Should be 50 to 80 percent for cattleyas. This can be provided in the home by placing the plants on trays of gravel, only partially filled with water so that the plants do not sit in the water. Air should always be moving around the plants to prevent fungal, or bacterial disease, especially if high humidity or cool temperatures exist. In the greenhouse, the humidity is best increased by use of humidifier. Evaporative cooling increases humidity while cooling the air.

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